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We see you.

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The optical collection.

Mmhmm. It's here! Get your life with twenty new styles to match any vision. Add your prescription or wear clear lenses and give that lowkey Nobel Prize realness.

Try some on at our new Manhattan store!

Yas, Pram!

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Perfect ish.

The new Pram is a reborn classic. With a vintage round shape and contemporary colors, you can stay trill and show out at the same time. It's unisex (rocked by Demi Lovato and Quavo.) Catch our new Pram color wave, and catch you something this summer ;).


Made in the shade.

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Survival of the flyest.

Our Evolution frame is a Coco and Breezy favorite. This season's tortoise shell/metal frame is giving equal amounts intellectual jazz legend and urbane fashion icon. A classy lewk for whatever you feel like serving. It's ok to be a little messy when you appear to have it all figured out, right?


Like a snack.

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American AF.

I mean, we can certainly tell you our version of American values. Top of the list: equality, diversity, free expression. A little farther down: popsicles, summer, the sweet stuff. We partnered with American classics Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers to create a collection for your senses of taste, sight, and style. Go ahead, sugar.


Ostara (Ciroc Remix).

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We live for the Ciroc team's hustle. Diddy, Khaled, and French know how to mix fun and business. For Coachella, we partnered with them to create an exclusive capsule for two hundred members of the squad. You can't shop the gold/white Ciroc exclusive, but we've got our matching gold/red Ostara frames ready to go. Jetski sold separately.


SIX:02 x CB

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Be a sport.

SIX:02 is Foot Locker's athleisure store for women. Shop our affordable "CB" collection at over 20 locations throughout the U.S., alongside some of our favorite brands, like Fenty by (Queen) Rihanna and Adidas by Stella McCartney. While you're there, check our our exclusive headphone and speaker collaboration with Urbanista. See you at the mall.